Let's Build a Winning IT Strategy

Considering IT Help for the First Time

Taking the “do-it-yourself” approach and relying on internal staff to fix IT issues take time and effort you cannot afford to spend. We can help your business smoothly transition to a managed IT environment without breaking your budget. 

Looking to Change Your IT Situation

Making the most out of your technology investments is critical to your business success. We can bring a fresh perspective to your IT management and help you strategically leverage technology to unlock potential and drive growth.


Supplementing Your In-House IT Staff

The demands of today’s IT environment can overwhelm an already overstretched IT department. We can provide the supplemental services to ease the burden on your IT internal staff and make your business run more efficiently.

Managed IT Services for Your Business

StratusComm is dedicated to helping your business prosper by providing you with experienced and reliable IT services and support. 

Over the past 15 years, our clients have been able to maximize the value of their technology investments, drive down costs and greatly improve outcomes. Here are a few ways your business can benefit as well:

     ✔ Benefit from 24/7 responsiveness that assures your technology is working when you need it the most!

     ✔ Achieve significant IT cost reductions and get optimal value from the software, licenses & solutions that you use. 

     ✔ Make decisions that inspire innovative solutions that support your organizational vision & goals!

We have worked with businesses of all types and sizes, and we understand the IT struggles that businesses endure. Developing an effective technology plan is not a journey you need to take alone. Contact us now to get started! 


StratusComm is a full service IT provider dedicated to help  businesses successfully manage their technology environment



“We have been a client for several years now. Their quality of service and 24/7 responsiveness is exceptional. I recommend StratusComm for all businesses that cannot afford to have dedicated IT staff on the payroll yet still want the peace of mind of knowing your entire IT environment is being monitored, maintained and is secure.”

Mark Abbey, COO at Willamette Management Associates


“I have known LeeJay and his team for over 2 years and from day one was very impressed with his professionalism, attention to detail, grass roots understanding of a business owners IT needs and honest approach to what works for each individual business. I would give 10 stars if I could!

Wayne Seely, Director at Veterans R&R Nonprofit


“StratusComm always has my back so that I can go about tending to and growing my business, while they take care of what needs to be done in the background. I cannot imagine my day-to-day operations, nor my long-term growth, without them and their expertise. My endorsement is unequivocal and enthusiastic.”

Adamarie King, Travel Agent at Connoisseur’s Travel

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