Is Cloud the New Normal?

By Laís Titton / Nov 19, 2020

Cloud-based IT systems have become an attractive solution to businesses. Instead of demanding a high up-front investment for technology, Cloud solutions are flexible and customizable, giving the agility to both scale up as well as scale down according to the business growth.

 Because of the remote and flexible expansion options, an organization can start small and increase Cloud resources when there is an increase in demand. 

On the other hand, in times of unforeseen scenarios – such as the current pandemic – or unexpected cost containment, being in the Cloud has the potential of lowering IT costs as the organization is able to adjust and pay for only what it consumes.

Furthermore, Cloud solutions also enhance data storage capabilities and security. With the technology hosted, managed, and updated in the Cloud, organizations can minimize resources and are able to access and share information from just about anywhere, in real-time, and protected by numerous security protocols.

The adoption of the Cloud seems to be the new normal. Businesses of any size are at the point of switching conversations from “if I move” or “we can do it better on-prem” to how do I move and how do I safely integrate this into my existing practices. It comes also in alignment with the mature of the industry and the variety of options now available in the market.

This transition comes back to education and having good partners to help you with the adoption and change. StratusComm is a partner that can help you assess if Cloud is an efficient and cost-effective fit for your organization and provide all the expertise and advice on how to transition into the Cloud. Contact us today and schedule a time to discuss great possibilities for your business.

Contact us today (815) 444-8701 or and schedule a time to discuss great possibilities for your business!

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