Selecting the Right MSP For Your Business It’s About Much More Than JUST Cybersecurity

By Ron Lilek / July 8, 2022

Yes, cybersecurity is important!

If you own a small or medium-sized business, you probably field a lot of calls from Managed IT Services Providers, or MSPs. 

And it’s almost a sure bet that the one thing each one emphasizes is the need for cybersecurity; the need to keep your data safe.

Cybersecurity is definitely an important issue, especially for your small business. You can’t afford the huge expenditures to thwart hackers that large corporations can, so that makes you a less lucrative, but far easier, potential target. That’s why virtually all MSPs firms tout their cybersecurity expertise.

But no MSP has a monopoly on cybersecurity. In fact, all reputable firms can keep your data as safe and secure as possible. So, when selecting a provider, it’s best to keep in mind that there are other important considerations.

We at StratusComm feel that when evaluating Managed Services Providers for your IT environment, you should look at a much bigger picture. That’s why we’ve compiled the following list of 8 things aside from cybersecurity that you should carefully consider:

1. Can they work on any computer operating system?

StratusComm has experience with Windows, mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

2. Can they install and service VOIP phone systems?

StratusComm can implement VOIP phone systems or can act as a project manager between you and your phone system vendor for installation and trouble shooting. In fact, StratusComm usually acts in a liaison capacity between our clients and the system vendors they use.

3. What is their response time guarantee for critical issues?

StratusComm will guarantee a response to critical issues within two hours during regular business hours.

4. What is their corporate philosophy?

StratusComm is dedicated to being a partner to our clients, not just a vendor. For example, one of our first steps in compiling an inventory of all your hardware and software. In this way, we can make sure that any equipment you are using or licenses you are paying for are up-to-date and producing the return on investment that you deserve.

5. What are the prospective vendors’ contracts like?

StratusComm does not lock you in a contract or require you to buy out the contract if you cancel before it is up. Our contracts are yearly and can be cancelled any time for any reason with thirty days’ notice.

6. How experienceD are they in information technology? and for the healthcare industry, how much do they know about hipaa and other regulations?

StratusComm’s founder and managing director, LeeJay Stewart, has over two decades of experience in Senior IT Management for a Fortune 1000 company, where he designed and implemented a network with over 13,000 workstations in 26 countries worldwide. Plus, all of our techs have taken and passed the required HIPAA training to make sure they can keep your data compliant.

7. Do they include any value-added extra services as part of their offering?

StratusComm offers CIO Advisory (Chief Information Officer Advisory) as part of our MSP plans. Small and midsized businesses often cannot afford to hire a CIO, but having access to a senior-level IT resource who can help you plan and manage your technology doesn’t have to be out of reach. With StratusComm, your company has a “virtual CIO” to advise you whenever needed.

8. Will they supply you with “unvarnished” references?

StratusComm will give you a list of comparable references as part of our proposal. If you desire, we’ll give you our entire customer list. You can call whoever you want whenever you want. When we say we are “100% referenceable”, we mean it.


When choosing a Managed IT Services provider, please keep the above questions in mind. Virtually all reputable providers have the knowledge and wherewithal to provide state-or-the-art anti-virus protection, but StratusComm clicks all of the boxes when it comes to providing the total package, including prompt response times, flexible service plans, business process expertise as well as IT expertise, and the StratusComm partnership philosophy. As a small business, you don’t want to be pigeon-holed into the low-priority corner of your MSP’s client list.


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