AI-Based Video Analytics

Optimize your Video Data Streams using the Analytical Power of Artificial Intelligence

Real-time Video Analytics empowered by AI

Let artificial intelligence optimize the security of your organization and make your video data streams smart

If security, resilience, and performance are your main converns… you have probably noticed that there aren’t enough sensors, cameras or data to be analyzed, and, adding to them doesn’t make surveillance more effective

Why? Because human processing capacity remains the same. The most motivated, attentive, and observant operator cannot, and do not, see everything. That’s when artificial intelligence can be leveraged to cover potential gaps

Solution? neuroo is an AI-based software distributed by StratusComm that helps you make your video data streams smart using a powerful real-time video analysis tool. As a valuable “right-hand man”, neuroo processes the overall video streams to extract and provide to CCTV operators the right information in real-time. 

Empower Your Video Analytics With AI

How to optimize the security of your organizations and better protect your facilities? Neuroo is a solution distributed by StratusComm based on expertise of technology and security drawn from the field. It combines Machine learning, Computer vision and Software development to bring sophisticated technology for advanced security.

Real-time Event Detection and Alerts 

Flexible, CPU-Based Architecture

Customizable Features and Funtionalities 

AI for
Video Analytics

Receive real-time  alerts about events or atypical behavior. 

Help your operators to act quickly and efficiently.

Define and customize your alerts to suit your operational needs.

Rely on Neuroo’s advanced analytical solutions to receive precise and reliable real-time  notifications of suspicious situations.

Leveraging AI to Empower Your Video Analytics

neuroo uses all the analytical power of Artificial Intelligence to accelerate, facilitate and optimize the analysis of your video data streams. It supplies real-time alerts to optimize your security operations and facilitate routine management of your operating activities.

Intrusion Detection

Traffic analysis

Abandoned Luggage Detection

neuroo Integrates Into Your Infrastructure

Neuroo is ultra flexible and can be deployed On-Premises, on the Cloud or in Hybrid mode. The solution integrates seamlessly with leading video management software (VMS) providers, including Milestone Systems and Genetec, and is compatible with almost any type of cameras. In addition, it  doesn’t require specific nor extra hardware to run. Its lightweight distributed architecture allows several deployment options, including Virtual Servers without GPU cards.

Real-time Alerts for Your Video Analytics

  • Perimeter Detection 
  • Crowd Movement Detection
  • Abandoned Object Detection
  • Fire and Smoke Detection
  • Gun Detection
  • People Counting
  • Loitering Detection
  • Vehicle Direction Detection
  • Vehicle Classification and Counting
  • Line Crossing Detection
  • Waste Detection



“Neuroo demonstrates its ability to meet our expectations while leveraging our virtualized server environment powered by Intel Processors.” 

CIO at Leading Paris’ Banlieue City

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