AI for Security Surveillance Systems

Leverage your CCTV Investments using the Analytical Power of Artificial Intelligence

Security Systems empowered by Artificial Intelligence

The role of CCTV surveillance is a crucial function, from spotting suspicious and unattended luggage, to identifying hostile acts. When dealing with critical situations, such as identifying hazards or suspicious activities in a security system, the importance of an effective CCTV is clear. 

However, the most motivated, attentive, and observant CCTV operator cannot, and do not, see everything. That’s when artificial intelligence can be leveraged to cover potential gaps. 

neuroo is a software offered by StratusComm and it uses the analytical power of AI to accelerate and optimize video streams’ analysis in real-time. As a valuable “right-hand man”, neuroo processes in real-time the overall video streams to extract and provide to CCTV operators the right information in the right time.

The solution integrates seamlessly with leading video management software (VMS) providers, including Milestone Systems and Genetec, and is compatible with almost any type of cameras. In addition, it  doesn’t require specific nor extra hardware to run. Its lightweight distributed architecture allows several deployment options, including Virtual Servers without GPU cards.

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neuroo software integrates with existing security surveillance systems to collect and analyze in real-time every single video stream. When a potential hazard is detected, an alert is instantly reported to the appropriate security staff, enabling real-time responses. The main goal for neuroo is to transform your data into powerful decision-making tools for your operation.

  • Improve people safety and security
  • Detect imminent hazards in real-time
  • Increase likelihood of crime prevention 
  • Monitor vehicle and pedestrian traffic
  • Help operators to act quicker and better
  • Transform video into actionable insights



“neuroo demonstrates its ability to meet our expectations while leveraging our virtualized server environment powered by Intel Processors.” 

CIO at Leading Paris’ Banlieue City

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