How to Set Up for a Hybrid Meeting

When the pandemic first hit, businesses had to quickly adapt to the new restrictions and find creative ways to transition the in-person activities to virtual. It was a time we recognized, more than ever, the value of virtual platforms and how there were numerous possibilities to still get things done without being physically there.   …

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Is Cloud the New Normal?

Cloud-based I.T. systems have become an attractive solution to businesses. Instead of demanding a high up-front investment for technology, Cloud solutions are flexible and customizable, giving the agility to both scale up as well as scale down according to the business growth. Because of the remote and flexible expansion options, an organization can start small …

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The Internet is down, now what?!

You are in the middle of a video conference with that prospect you’ve been trying to reach for weeks… or about to send a crucial email with a report that must be submitted asap. Suddenly, the Internet connection is down. Now what?! We’ve all been there, let’s face it. Especially in times of remote work, …

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