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Cloud-based IT systems have become an attractive solution to businesses of all sizes. Instead of demanding a high up-front investment for technology, cloud solutions are flexible and customizable, giving the agility to both scale up as well as scale down according to the business growth.

In addition, Cloud solutions also enhance data storage capabilities and security. With your technology solutions hosted, managed and updated in the Cloud, businesses can minimize resources while providing access to your systems from just about anywhere. 

Even though Cloud computing is becoming more and more prevalent, for many businesses, it can be challenging to understand the numerous cloud options and the best way to integrate them into your existing practices.

However, Cloud implementation is not a journey you need to take alone. Successfully transitioning to the cloud requires having a good IT partner to help you with the adoption and change. Schedule your free IT assessment today to learn more about how your business can best incorporate the Cloud. 


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StratusComm can help you assess if Cloud-base solutions are right for your business. We provide all the expertise needed to seamlessly transition to the Cloud. Your business will go from being hesitant and uncertain about Cloud solutions to being confident about accessing business in real-time from anywhere + freeing up money and physical space! Other benefits when considering migrating to the cloud:

  • IT Costs
  • Flexible Scalability
  • Data Security
  • Storage Capacity
  • Speed and Business Agility
  • Collaboration
  • Data Backup and Restore
  • Anywhere Access
  • Mobility and Remote Work



“StratusComm is a great company to have on your team! Highly recommend them! Ryan does amazing work too, in a fast amount of time! Again highly recommend this business!”

Brenna Hall, OMS Dental


We look forward becoming your most trusted business partner.

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