Cyber Security

Adapt quickly to the needs of your business balancing risk, functionality, and cost

More than ever, organizations rely on technology to operate and perform their activities, and being in a digital interconnected ecosystem also means becoming more vulnerable and exposed to risks.

The consequences of data breaches, cyber attacks and even physical disasters can be irreversible, so the best way to safeguard your organization’s information is to appropriately protect it

Our Cyber Security services will assist your organization on everything from developing a complete security plan to fixing the latest vulnerability, threat or emergency.

By taking Cyber Security seriously, organizations can anticipate and minimize threats to help ensure the integrity, confidentiality and availability of their data. Our expertise will help by bringing a fresh look at your organization’s current security and privacy program. With solutions tailored toward your organization’s needs, we can help to identify the weaknesses and shore up the defenses.



“StratusComm has done great work for our clients as their strategic IT managed service provider. The IT support they provide in areas such as: cyber security, cloud migrations, and cio advisory has been of great value. Would definitely recommend them!”

Joe Siok, Executive Coach at Nova Advisors 


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