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The success of your business relies heavily on managing a solid IT environment for all aspects of daily operations. Optimized IT helps your organization to perform more efficiently and provide better products and services to clients with sustained cost management. 

StratusComm can help your business thrive with experienced and reliable IT services. We offer a spectrum of services to assist your organization’s entire IT environment. 


Our Managed IT Services let your organization focus more energy on your core organization success, while we take care of your IT. Instead of managing an in-house IT staff, your organization benefits from a complete outsourced IT department of highly-trained professionals, state of the art technology and best practices. Our team is committed to make sure your technology runs smoothly and efficiently, solving issues faster and with minimal impact on the day to day operations.

In order to design an ideal and cost effective solution that fits specifically to your needs, StratusComm provides a complimentary pre-assessment where we deliver a high level proposal. This assessment gives the opportunity to learn more about your current IT environment and enable you to prioritize the next steps. As a result, you can benefit from a partnership you can trust and rely on for a fixed, predictable monthly spend  aligned with your IT initiatives. 


More than ever, organizations rely on technology to operate and perform their activities, and being in a digital interconnected ecosystem also means becoming more vulnerable and exposed to risks. The consequences of data breaches, cyber attacks and even physical disasters can be irreversible, so the best way to safeguard your organization’s information is to appropriately protect it. Our Cyber Security services will assist your organization on everything from developing a complete security plan to fixing the latest vulnerability, threat or emergency.

Cyber Security Plan: By taking Cyber Security seriously, organizations can anticipate and minimize threats to help ensure the integrity, confidentiality and availability of their data. Our expertise will help by bringing a fresh look at your organization’s current security and privacy program. With solutions tailored toward your organization’s needs, we can help to identify the weaknesses and shore up the defenses.


Cloud-based IT systems have become an attractive solution to organizations. Instead of demanding a high up-front investment for technology, cloud solutions are flexible and customizable, giving the agility to both scale up as well as scale down according to the business growth. An organization can start small and increase cloud resources when there is an increase of demand, which has the potential of lowering IT costs since your organization is able to pay for only what it consumes. 

In addition, Cloud solutions also enhance data storage capabilities and security. With the technology hosted, managed and updated in the Cloud, organizations can  minimize resources and are able to access information from just about anywhere. Stratus Communications can help you to assess if Cloud Implementation is an efficient and cost-effective fit for your organization and provide all the expertise to transition into the Cloud.


In any type of organization, there will be times that new IT capabilities need to be implemented in order to drive business growth. Smaller organizations can bring this expertise in-house temporarily for specific projects by hiring an independent consultant. IT consultants can be an extremely valuable ally, helping to identify needs, find potential service providers, advise on provider selection and plan and manage the project. 

By delegating to StratusComm your organization’s specific IT assignments, you will be able to get the in-depth expertise your organization deserves to significantly improve operations and advance your business initiatives. We excel in translating business needs into technical requirements and our professional IT Consulting is able to deliver strategic guidance in distinct technology areas.


Strategic IT is the use of information technology to play a vital role in an organization’s business plan by improving efficiency, creating opportunities, and interacting with customers and vendors. Our CIO Advisory Services supplement your organization’s technology leadership, providing advice and experience from a highly strategic CIO perspective. It is our way to bring a large organization IT expertise in a nimble way to your needs. 

StratusComm can provide comprehensive outsourcing solutions from strategy to implementation, with industry-specific insights and advice to optimize and maximize your IT investments and initiatives. This will support you enhance resources, focus on your core business and ultimately increase profitability.


We look forward becoming your most trusted business partner.

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